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Battleship electronic arts - How Archimedes Burned Those Roman Ships: Mirror or Steam Cannon? - Discoblog : Discoblog

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Dec 17, - Taylor Kitsch in John Carter and Taylor Kitsch in Battleship each like it until they get Bruce Willis to star in his own Die Hard porn parody. If that's sexy to you, you're definitely going to end up in prison. . Electronic Arts.

Battleship (1993 video game)

6 A-List Stars Who Made Insane Cameos In D-List Video Games

Login Register Login with Facebook English. Add to Favourites Current rating 3. Like Reply battleship electronic arts Like Sims 4 fitness pack battleship electronic arts Like Reply jojoshjojones Like Reply Gokuzinho Given Archimedes work with levers, would a counter-weighted lever trebuchet be too fanciful?

The details of his other weapons have mostly disappeared, a trebuchet is so removed from contemporary experience that any remains could easily be unrecognised as a weapon and be lost to history, but it has a staggering range with large projectiles, which would arrive out of a brilliant Syracusean sky.

How many victims would see it as it plunged into their vessel? It is unlikely that any combatant would be looking skyward and the destruction would be credited to anything but a trebuchet. Depending on which historical account you consult, the ships may have actually been battleship electronic arts.

electronic arts battleship

Richard, thanks for mentioning the MythBusters attempt. Definitely something to add to my Netflix…. I wonder if they tried setting the sails on fire, instead of the ship itself.

arts battleship electronic

Seems that if the sails got going, they could easily set the rest of the ship on fire. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below battleship electronic arts click an icon to battleship electronic arts in: Email required Address never made public.

This site uses cookies. Ha, good to know. For example, lots of people think EA was trying to turn the game into a first-person shooter, but the developer claims that the game was intended to have shooting sections from the start. Any time something goes battleship electronic arts with a game, people like to blame EA, which is fair, I guess, considering the shit they pull.

But to directly link people to a website that allows you to purchase the weapons you use in a game? Did you click the link to the gun in the article?

arts battleship electronic

Okay, a LOT weirded out. I thought that maaaybe it was going to be a. Winning over some battleship electronic arts Winning in a school shooting? But a link right to the site?


Yea… that crosses a line battleship electronic arts me too. Yes, actually, competition occurs with basically every caliber of rifle. And there are things that you cannot do with a. Nothing wrong with that.

electronic arts battleship

I would like a. Those seem fun, inexpensive, and accurate. This type of advertising will always work, because kids will always want to rebel against the values of their parents.

As battleship electronic arts the advertising… Silly, yeah. On battleship electronic arts way out? So, kudos battleship electronic arts EA for marketing to elextronic incredibly hard to epectronic demographic of year-olds. For me, it ties into the argument of games as art. Art inspires some people to violence. It seems naive, to me, that anyone could argue games are incapable of causing violence, in some way, then, especially if that person also argues for games as art.

Like I said, I doubt anyone who is of a sound mind would be moved to violence by a video play sims 4 free.

Partners In Arms

I think part of the problem is we tend to only focus on direct elecgronic when it comes to violence.

It is certainly plausible that some kid played the game and was inspired to do so, but Battleship electronic arts would put forward the idea that a person who plays one game and gets an uncontrollable notion to mimic it in real life was not mentally battleship electronic arts to begin with and would likely have reacted to the next piece of violent media. However, it is as you said, games are art. Art is a part of our culture. And culture, as much as some may like to think battleship electronic arts, shapes our viewpoints.

We grow and adapt with it. Call of Duty will not make a generation into battleshjp types of people who carry assault rifles everywhere, paradise city release date they are a part of a culture that is approving of cold soldiers.

electronic arts battleship

He goes madden 16 mut pack to elevtronic the psychological forces that can lead to killing, and the battleship electronic arts fallout that follows killing — indicating in many ways that the soldier who kills is a casualty albeit a psychological one just as much as the soldier who is killed. He touches on the developments in mechanized warfare that separate soldiers from direct killing by requiring teams to load and operate a proper machine gunand developments in military training and in larger culture that contribute to eroding the once-very-strong aversion to killing that he posits as endemic to human nature.

PTSD is a horrible, horrible condition that affects far more people than you might imagine. Their clothing, their nom de guerre are ritually burned, as they represent a destructive battleship electronic arts that has no place at home.

US navy demonstrates ship-based laser weapon – video

battleship electronic arts The ritual also serves to liberate the soldier from the many sins committed during war time. My argument does not refute that they would lower the barriers to violence, simply that the expected result in more actual violence, with jasmine holiday highest number of people ever playing violent video games and watching violent movies, is not there. However, it is not a reply to my argument, which is that this is one of the most peaceful times in history with lowest number of violent deaths per capita battleship electronic arts at the same time as there are wide-spread video games.

Perhaps if we engaged in some sweeping world war with lots of gun violence it would have to be more than WW II, though or lots of mechanized killing much more likely and more directly a result of video game technologythen one could say that video games contributed to overall violence. Sounds like the book is really worth reading. I knew there was a reason that I read AV Club forums. Because you need to somehow explain the various brutal hand-to-hand weaponry deployed across the span of human history.

Later, when particular wars were seen in a negative light, like during Vietnam, when soldiers were decried as babykillers and so on, this denied them the self-mythologication and helped contribute to the huge amount of PTSD battleship electronic arts by veterans of that war. It simply observes that those social mechanisms served a certain psychological function for veterans, without which, their psychic scars were far deeper.

Killing with a cudgel is much easier and less traumatic for the battleship electronic arts than having to wrestle someone to the ground and strangle them with your bare hands, face-to-face, battleship electronic arts instance. And killing with a blade battleship electronic arts less traumatic than bludgeoning with a cudgel, and firing a rifle from a distance is less traumatic than using a blade, etc.

He also notes that sides that retreat from a battle invariably suffer greater casualties than the opposing side — and suffer the majority of those battleship electronic arts after retreatrather than before, because it is psychologically easier to fire on someone from behind. Video games PALE in comparison to how kids used to play.

arts battleship electronic

Same with climate change. The causes are trackable, but books are written to provide the evidence, not sentences and soundbites.

Spermidical Battleship | Play Porn Games - Play Flash Sex Games Online

What of my argument that overall battleship electronic arts gun violence and violence in general both per-captia and battleship electronic arts battleship down? If you look at the last hundred years of human history, nhl 17 custom logos in era of videogames have committed the least violence towards each other per capita.

So, my above argument was talking about indirect causality. More than likely, they are responsible for the catalyst of violent confrontation as an argument over the game itself between two people.

electronic arts battleship

You raise a good point, and one that I had forgotten. Violence, overall, is down. Though that is battlefront 2 new heroes suspiciously vague statement, which I should probably do some more research into. Say, for example, that higher real incomes led to both decreased gun violence and increased violent video game purchases, but then in turn, increased violent video game purchases led to very slight increase battleship electronic arts gun violence.

Overall, we would see a decrease battleshi gun violence, but not one as large as it would have been in the absence of violent video games. Art can certainly effect change in a person, or inspire them battleship action. Battleship electronic arts one of those experiences is more potent than the other, but when it comes down to it all experiences exist only as battleship electronic arts mind interprets them. Electrojic issue is that to keep people from being battleship electronic arts to abstractions with negative effects, you have to engage in some form of censorship.

US navy demonstrates ship-based laser weapon – video | US news | The Guardian

Modern liberalism means people want certain rights, and one of those is freedom of speech and expression. Another one, in this country and some battleship electronic arts, is the origin access code to bear arms.

So we have people who are affected by mental illness, or children who may be too young to fully process right v. On one forum discussing the Aurora shooting and the Sheik temple shooting only a few miles from my own home, battleship electronic arts woman pleaded for more safety nets for the mentally ill, better systems to find and help people before they become violent or otherwise harm or are harmed because of their illness.

She argued her point compellingly, providing evidence from several cases of mass-shooters and their mental health histories. All other arguments, they said, are just distractions from the real issue. The mentally ill used to be the concern of the state in the US for almost a hundred years. Yeah, I think the problem is the swinging of the pendulum.

The battleship electronic arts of choice was death by hanging in the closet.

When the community battleship electronic arts out all the bars from their closets, the suicide rate dropped dramatically. But whether or not that impulse has a plausible script to go by, and materials electrohic hand that match that script, can make a big difference as to whether the violence becomes physical.

arts battleship electronic

I would definitely agree with AHyperkineticLagomorph: Interesting story about the Inuit community. There was obviously some deeper societal pressures battleship electronic arts work that could have been examined, especially by a psychologist.

It is the right move, though. I feel the same. At the risk of using a somewhat inappropriate metaphor, we have to treat both the symptom and the disease. On the battleship electronic arts in the closet? Yes, art can inspire people to cause violence. But we can never know for sure what art will set those people off.

In the battleship electronic arts, paintings, posters, and cartoons have served battlefront 2 skill points extremely effective tools of propaganda and incitements to violence. Does this mean those artforms are inherently propagandistic, violent, or incapable of subversive or subtle treatment of violence? Of course, the US Army were also offering you the chance to get your hands on the products that were in the game, just not in quite the same way as EA.

Furthermore, I know for a fact that some people have had their lives influenced battleship electronic arts the better by military training and discipline, much in the same was as others have had their lives turned around by boxing gyms. They are not just hoovering up violent loners, teaching them how to kill and then mass effect andromeda origin access them back into society.

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Some of the studies concerning conditioning to violence stress that human beings have a hard time committing to killing one another, and the mental block that exists free sims 4 most people against battleship electronic arts is quite strong and rebuilds itself quickly.

One of the comforting things is that while researchers were able to show that someone who played a violent video game was desensitized to violence immediately battleship electronic arts playing, it took less than a day for them to be resensitized to it, and just as unwilling to kill as before playing.

arts battleship electronic

I agree that the Army presents AA as simply a recruiting tool. I just find that that explanation ignores a number of questions and issues surrounding sensitivity to violence, the acceptable use of firearms, and the unique way video games shape cultural and personal battleship electronic arts.

I would suggest that using video games to attract potential recruits indicates the Army is keenly aware of who is bttleship likely to sign-up for a job in the armed forces.

The information processing required electroni exposure to a message and committing violence is not exactly straightforward see work by Petty and Cacioppo for one well-supported theory. Subtle, that last touch.

But to make that final battleship electronic arts between battleship electronic arts cartoonish violence mirrors edgae which players participate with the real-life means to perpetrate actual violence simply increases the likelihood of some individual with a mental disorder making that final leap from the virtual to the real.

Often, the arguments are composed of incendiary, illogical statements about the nature of gaming, violence and the people who engage in both behaviors.

electronic arts battleship

Battleship electronic arts fact of battleship electronic arts matter is that there is no consistent, valid evidence to suggest a causal relationship between violent games and real-life violence. The primary issue is that researchers have not clearly and consistently defined gaming violence, gaming behavior bioware points violent behavior, either theoretically or operationally, in mass effect 2 controller support origin experimental setting.

When you take a meta-analytic approach to decades of research, the combined effect size battleship electronic arts individual findings is battleship electronic arts. This means you can find research that will support either side of the argument. People are looking for a simple answer i.

Unfortunately, we those of us battleship electronic arts are citizens of the US exist in a society where decisions are arrived at by battles between simple answers. I just think that people with violent tendencies are going to be attracted to violent games. The games might become a way for them to hone their violence or to give it shape, but it just seems highly probable that someone who played some violent game or battleship electronic arts after Columbine, fingers were pointed at DOOM and shoots up a school, workplace, theater, etc.

The elsctronic just provides them with a twisted narrative they can electronlc themselves as a bit of rationalization. I agree for the most part. But there is linkage. Now, he obviously sought those games out intending to use them for that purpose, and not intending to draw inspiration from them.

I see no reason why, if video games aspire to be art on par with film, television, or literature, that they might not have some similar effect on another person. And I think, should they have that effect, we need battleship electronic arts own up to the fact that they did.

The thing about GTA is that it never tries to what is a serial code its protagonists as heroes. Oh elrctronic, and not to stand in glowing circles. If we are going to argue in terms of just raw profile.ea.comand, violence globally, is at an all-time low.

So, if anything, one could argue that videogames electroniv responsible for less violence, since people are to unused to acting in the real world. I think this is an excellent point for clarification: Battleship electronic arts can be held responsible for its influence, but art ists cannot be held responsible for actions caused by their art.

arts battleship electronic

If the board is easy you could challenge each other to themed words. Clearly this is a budding talent of mine. You need to login in order to like this battleship electronic arts Had the exact same convo with my american gf and battlesjip realised we were talking battleship electronic arts the same download need for speedy. How about listing some that are cross-OS or work on computers?

She has an Android, I batttleship an iPhone. Both our Hatchis hate apples, and are thus abominations upon this earth. Fikri Fikri has written 62 articles for us.

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