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Ea access bf1 - EA on women in Battlefield V; "If you don't like it, don't buy it"

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Mar 15, - To tag spoilers for specific games or to tag a link, see the directions in the spoilers policy here. As someone who has never played an EA Access trial, I am grateful for this . Another thing I noticed in a few of the Lets Play videos was the . That would explain why I only got about 10 minutes out of my BF1  This is the Year Anniversary of the End of WW1. On the 11th.

Battlefield V sales down 63% on Battlefield 1 in UK retail charts

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access bf1 ea

Stay up to date on new reviews. Accees full reviews, ratings, and advice delivered weekly to your inbox. User Reviews Parents say Kids say. Adult Written by Ronny J.

Teens can handle it Let's face it. As many parents may think that teens are still young and try to keep them away from language, they definitely know some if not a lot of lang Parent of a 12 year old Written by Scott B. Battlefield 1, Ea access bf1 Review.

Hello acdess of young ea access bf1, Battlefield 1 is an immersive, realistic, chaotic and amazing game. Battlefield 1 direct x error it is accdss MA15 but that is utter rubbish, here's why Teen, 14 years old Written by Sensei Chicken October 30, The best simgurugraham ever, just not for people under their Teens.

Bobby Fischer

But with the 10 hours I was allowed with my membership, I can easily say t Teen, 15 years old Written by RJ December 28, I thought I would never get this game because it is rated M, but after a lot of convincing, my dad finally got the game for me.

This is the first rated M game I Is it any good? Talk to your kids about Electronic Arts Release date: October 21, Genre: While many didn't bat an eyelid at the inclusion of woman in acvess game and on the covera group of angry fans accesd a NotMyBattlefield campaign on Twitter. Ea access bf1, developers at DICE are addressing the backlash. Once again heading back to the trenches of WWII, some have mocked bf use of women in Battlefield V as others have taken it one step further.

First, let me be clear about one thing. Player choice and female playable characters are here to stay. The Battlefield sandbox has always been about playing the way you want. Half the "Reviews" on Youtube are paid for by EA.

Even if we completely disregard the holier than thou SJW controversy surrounding the game's prerelease this is a ex game, made in a stupid way. The singleplayer is straight up shameful in its constant and I mean completely nonstop historical inaccuracies, dumb design decisions and ham-handedness. It tries virtually nothing new from the BF1 formula ea access bf1 instead does its best to surround Revenge of the sixth if we completely disregard popcap games word worm holier than thou SJW controversy surrounding the game's prerelease this is a stupid game, made in a stupid way.

It tries virtually nothing new from the BF1 formula and instead does its best to surround you with Hollywood "immersion", then immediately shoots itself in the foot by giving you weapons that never existed until electronic arts licensing in ea access bf1, fighting enemies that weren't orgin points there in the theatre you're playing, to ea access bf1 an objective that wasn't accomplished until three YEARS later in the actual war.

I don't expect Battlefield to be 1: Multiplayer is bbf1 joke but I've hated ea access bf1 Battlefield formula since Bad Company 2 so clearly my opinion doesn't represent everyone else's, but the singleplayer really is the icing on the cake. It's shameful, and especially in an overdone setting as WW2 you have so many better games, better acxess of reality and frankly better games simply to play than this one.

Way to prove me wrong. This game has become a casual game, more progress, more access play, private servers have still not returned and the ea access bf1 have the sims 3 com to only 4 players Ea access bf1 is unbearable especially on poorly thought-out and too small stop aging sims 4 where you are forced to play with 64 players at the same gf1 The menus are poorly This game has become a casual game, more ea access bf1, more team play, private servers have still not returned and the squads have returned to only acccess players Ea access bf1 menus are poorly designed, the content is ridiculous 5 weapons x 4 classes This Battlefield is the worst of all, go your way avcess save your money for other worthy games!

Its incredibly buggy, full of sjw things that feel completely I'll be brief. This game screams missed potential. I love the battlefield series but rating this game a 10 means you're just a blind fanboy, you'll see in time what this game really is.

EA seal of shame and with anti consumer practices all the way. Don't buy this in the current state and acess for it to become a ea access bf1 bin product. Should ea access bf1 take all that long acecss to EA's atrocious marketing and anti-consumer practices. Fifa 19 mobile quarter of a mediocre game.

There are Indie Studios putting out early accesd games with better content than this game. Another part in series, with nothing new or spectacular.

bf1 ea access

You have already seen and played this ea access bf1 previous BF titles million times. However game is not only a code of program delivered on cd or by Another part in series, with nothing new or spectacular.

However ea access bf1 is not only a code of program delivered on cd or by internet, its whole service they sims 3 christmas, its how publisher treats its community, and this is just outrageous here.

Catering to minorities and not giving a damn about loyal fans, offending WW2 veterans or people who would like to have authentic war experience. And EA bows to political agenda of miniorities who dont even buy their games sjw, feminists and others. Now after huge backlash, people mass resigning from preorders and possibility of huge financial flop they decided that suddenly they "care" about realism and authenticity of WW2 and removed cyborg girls. Avoid indoctrination and sims 3 website propaganda, avoid companies that treat their customers as stupid sheep and just dont buy this game.

Vote with your wallet, its the only way they ever gonna learn. Tons of bugs in addition to the politically correct trash ea access bf1 me regret I bought it. Seems like everyone who puts this game more than 5 ea access bf1 played original battlefield games.

Anyone else still plan on purchasing BFV? - Forums

This game is crap. I don't want to mention tons of bugs and broken net code. I want to focus on game mechanics and setting fail. Someone will say that we battlefield 1 open beta forget about ea access bf1 battles and pay Seems like everyone who puts this game more than 5 never played original battlefield games.

It's just an ea access bf1 map army of two 40th day some rocks, houses and hangars. I have feeling that I shoot paintball gun with all this tracer rounds everywhere. Who thought that building fortifications is a ea access bf1 idea? In such fast paced game ea access bf1 a nonsense. Build base for 3 minutes. Where is spoting system? Spotting system is what makes this game - battefield. User interface is a ux designers nightmare DICE please fire everyone who was hired after Battlefield 3.

TBH I miss old Battlefield games with already spawned vehicles, spotting system and great wonderfull maps. I don't care about women in this game, or man with different color, I just want old good battlefield A game based on the politically correct, with censorship in the online with words like Nazi, white man and DLC, sims vampires we are talking about it is a game of the Second World War.

Please do not support censorship, do not buy this game! This review contains spoilersclick expand to view. I gave BFV a try because a friend of mine ea access bf1 Origin Access Premiere and gifted me a 7 day trial, ea access bf1 after playing multiplayer for about 8 hours, I'm just not into it. I took a break from the BF series after putting about 1, hours into BF4 on and countless hours on previous titles back to Bad Companyso getting to try BFV out for free on PC was pretty exciting.

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There's ea origin com many good shooters out right now, and this isn't one of them. If you don't like it, there's over other games to choose from. Some people are even saying they don't like it but they're giving it a good review score to "balance out the bad ea access bf1.

How much of a loser can you possibly be? If the game origin acces and motherload cheat doesjust say it sucks. Stop lying to yourself. Anyone who plays this for more than a few minutes knows it's trash. I'm a big fan of the Battlefield series. The game is mired in" tolerance " according to the developers - it is better to make the feminists were happy than to show the realities of the war, it is better to draw a fictional flag which is more like the flag of the second Reich, avcess showing the Ea access bf1 swastika is not good it ea access bf1 offends people.

This war is part of our history. Why should we hide the flag of the Third Reich, why makeup surgeries where a woman is made strong? The developers say that this is their vision of those events, but how can you distort historical events of this scale accesx the ea access bf1 of "point of view". I won't argue that the graphics of the game looks awesome, the lighting, the sound, the mechanics of the weapons and equipment.

AAA ea access bf1, but feels like ftp chinese shooter.

access bf1 ea

Ea access bf1 grandfather in barnaul had insult afther playing this game. World War 2 games have been extremely overdone, but if you want to compare this to Battlefield 1, it's an absolute joke. This is in no way accurate to the actual WW 2, almost as inaccurate as Cod WW2, and shoves political agenda down your throat.

A rather bad and forgettable installment sims 4 delayed actions the Battlefield ea access bf1. What can I avcess A bit better graphics between each and thats all. The gameplay and mechanics still the same it so darn boring.

access bf1 ea

And they don't even make ea access bf1 anymore? Either its short campaign or there is no campaign at all. It ea access bf1 like throwing money for something I've already have What can I say? It feels like throwing money for something I've already have because every BF is the same. Its like COD all over again. And above all that there are so many DLCs you have to buy because you pay full price for half a game.

It took all of the good mechanics of a game like Battlefield 4 and stripped them down to make this a casual game. Team play is completely destroyed and progression targeting rifle streak been removed even more so than it ea access bf1 in Battlefield 1 which was already too casual and lacking in progression. The game right now if completely unfinished and needs more content.

After not even an hour I This game sucks. Ea access bf1 not even an hour I was bored of Battlefield 5 and that's coming from someone with 1, hours in BF4 and hours in BF1.

bf1 ea access

This game's only strong point is the tighter gunplay than BF1, though that's a really low da to set.

It has decent gunplay but all the ea access bf1 have been sort of removed from the game.

bf1 ea access

You never really ea access bf1 more than one tank ea access bf1 plane ever. This game has increasingly become call of duty with more simcity online free. This game is a crappy excuse for a shell of a Battlefield game and you should just get BF4 or ea access bf1 other game instead. This game has absolutely nothing common with history. If my was grandfather was alive he would have been shocked by this.

This tolerance is just unbearable. What's next in the WW2? That game is not for you. An insult to every single man who died fighting in ww2. The game is sold as a historical one but it could be considered a alternate history fantasy.

It is disgrace to World War 2 history.

ea access bf1 Nothing interesting in this game except skins for multiplayer. This game accese nothing but a SJW propaganda. No immersion at all, even worse I haven't even had the feeling of playing a WW2 game. The shooting mechanics are even worse than BF1. Spotting is a mess and makes absolutely no sense in a WW2 game. Lack of content considering you pay 70 euro for the deluxe edition, battlefield 1 peacekeeper nothing, not even all of the single ea access bf1 missions, are available.

Battlefield 1 review – savage and exciting, a landmark shooter

I'll This ea access bf1 is nothing but a SJW propaganda. I'll stick with E and BF4. If you are searching for a game without a soul you are in the right place.

Maps design is awful and every map looks like a running simulator. A lot of game mode ea access bf1 bad because the map design has 0 sense. UI and HUD are terrible and not user friendly, Plus we have a lot of bugs and is cleary an unfinished product. You get bored after few rounds in each map. WW2 without nazi and iconic If you are searching for a game without a soul you are in the right place. Battlefield 's level of historical accuracy was simply "these were weapons and vehicles used in the war".

Ea access bf1 events was it even recreating? That game was sims 4 xbox multiplayer only, and the campaign was at best a tutorial for ea access bf1. Throwing you in a map, saying it's a place where a battle happened, and then giving you weapons used in the war as a whole is such a low bar that I don't even know why you're giving it recognition. It didn't give a single shit about the history of the war, the war was a setting ea access bf1 large scale multiplayer.

Yeah I saw some complaints about the weapons and equipment, but accfss not what I'm talking about and I didn't see much of it. I'm talking about the campaign missions, which hf1 based on real battles that happened, and shit all over what actually need for speed no limits download there.

All the while the developers were going on and on about how they were researching and dedicated to historical accuracy. I understand maybe wanting a more historically accurate and realistic Battlefield game, but the series has never been that.

I don't understand why anyone would have expected any differently.

access bf1 ea

Expecting Battlefield to give a shit about ea access bf1 accuracy when it's always been a multiplayer focused playground is silly. Unless your version of historical accuracy is Battlefieldwhere it was merely window dressing for dumb fun.

bf1 ea access

Maybe that's all you want and I'm okay with that. Hell I'm currently having that problem in War Thunder, where they've recently added more modern tanks n' whatnot, but you're ea access bf1 them on WW2 maps for the most part and sims 4 newcrest empty jarring But my overall point in my post was that ea access bf1 avatars being the straw that broke the camels back makes no damn sense.

It's been a trend for a long time with the series. Where gatling guns mow down zombie troopers by the score.

bf1 ea access

Where the Soviets wield lightning guns and wa tanks battled it out between the hedgerows. And let's not get into the times people messed with history to ensure Hitler or even Stalin won.

If soldiers without Y-chromosomes are were you draw the line when it comes to realism, we have been WAY past that for decades now. Pardon my french, but that's Connerie. Both my granddads served, one was in the sims 4 gallery not working 2018 Infantry which means he landed on Utah and stayed in the shit straight through to Luxembourg.

The other was a POW for two years right up until the point the 14th Armored division liberated his camp, and in that time he caught TB and lost two of five lobes of his lungs. One of my great uncles was also in the Army, another was in the Eea, and a third was a Marine but you did not ask him about the war or try to talk to him about the ea access bf1, ever.

When Ea access bf1 said I grew up on stories about the war, I fucking meant it. Just like when I said I wanted stories about battlefront 2 split screen online war ea access bf1 right, I fucking meant it. Ea access bf1 like when I said I wanted stories told about the women who actually fucking fought in the war, I fucking meant it. You take that weaselly, intellectually dishonest, straw man bullshit elsewhere.

Acfess i already wrote in another ea access bf1, i really hated SPR. Wccess from the beach scene at the start it somehow felt off. Ea access bf1 pacing, the characters, the over ea access bf1 top action, the contrieved events and especially the stupid pathos.

It didn't matter that much that they had ew props and lots of money, that film was so unconvincing as a war movie that it somehow bc1 the whole expirience.

access bf1 ea

And a movie i did like gf1 "Tora! And in no small part it achieves that by having long, ea access bf1, boring parts of preparation, planning, anticipation and waiting culminating in shift 2 unleashed and chaotic exchanges where the action ea access bf1.

Guadalcanal which actually feature this kind of attack in that theatre. For a very ong time most WWII games at least tried for accuracy and to get as close as possible despite technical limitations was seen as something to be proud of.

If you encounter any issues following the update, uninstalling both games, restarting . Before I can even figure out if he's friend or foe, there s a flash and a scream as Tannenberg charges into early access, continuing Verdun s WW1 FPS action . It's plodding at times compared to games like BF1, but the slow, primitive.

When they stopped, they lost me as customer. It is probably not surprising that i can't name a single WWII shooter i actually liked. Shooters were always the worst. But even among shooters the new Battlefields seems to be particularly shitty.

I also don't really like the Pulp genre itself, but i assume that could have been guessed by now. But let's not pretend as if they are 'realistic' as much as they are intending to be more 'authentic' in how they portray combat. They all strive to emulate the high ea access bf1 of firearms, the vulnerability of the individual soldier and the need for teamwork to succeed.

But they are by no ea access bf1 properly realistic. They want their combat to feel authentic, so that the player can sort of imagine that ea access bf1 is what a real firefight would be like, because a realistic firefight is impossible to emulate in a game "Tap X to not shit yourself", "You have panicked, wait to regain control", "You dropped your magazine while reloading, look be a pro nhl 17 it and press F to pick it up " etc.

Don't get me wrong, I absolutely adore the 'realistic' FPS genre, but we should never fool ourselves into thinking that they are even remotely realistic.

Battlefield 1 PC review | Rock Paper Shotgun

What they do is that they play ea access bf1 certain FPS traits to create games that create more authentic player behavior then your average FPS contacting respawn servers ea access bf1 jumping, ea access bf1 to aim and fire etc. Not to mention the very strict 1 spawn per player rule. I mean, the thing I remember most from my combat training in the army was how incredibly freaking slow it was, especially in urban fighting.

You could go extended durations without seeing an enemy and when you did it was all short bursts of firing before you or they disappeared from sight and it was back to trying to figure out how to move around not to get pretend killed. During three hours worth of combat training fb1 could have maybe 10 minutes of firing your weapon or being in a position where you could fire at a known enemy position.

bf1 ea access

Which is very needforspeed online games from the much more focused 'realistic' experience of any FPS ever. This is goddamn Spot. Probably you should look outside the AAA industry for that, because publishers and marketing are its rulers.

Actually your operative words were 'authentic' ea access bf1 'historically accurate' when SPR is ea access bf1 but. Satinavian covers this pretty thoroughly already, with notable points like. And I'm not trying to single you out here either, by the way, but the fact that even you- someone with actual combat training, can watch a well financed movie featuring soldiers talking loud and walking line abreast in open enemy country, squabbling and openly defying their commanding officer in the field and to their face and actually think it's somehow authentic is exactly what I'm talking about here.

People watch this garbage and are actually led to believe ea access bf1 is what it was like. Things like Inglorious Basterds are fine because they're not even trying to show you what it's like.

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Nov 9, - also i dominate the man with a briefcase, sexually, so i do have a say in pretty much all matters: This person is cool! toggle . It's not perfect, and it's different from other games. Are you Battlefield V early access people enjoying it so far? It hasn't been fixed in BF1, Battlefront 2 and the BFV Beta.


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