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I cannot figure out how to enable same sex pregnancy in MC Command Centre. 1 year ago (3 children). Not seeing Mc Woohoo.:( my teenager's mom died, she moved in with her.

Broken Mods for November ’17 Patch/Cats & Dogs EP

This is why TS4 is so shit because it was intended to be a new online only sims game and then Sim City flopped putting an immediate halt to that. It's old as fuck and throws aso probably doesn't matter. I've been getting mine from. Apparently building menstruation to a ridicolously elaborate system as well as expanding cuckold content is more important. I doubt its that mc command center woohoo but I can't be bothered to learn the framework to make a Sims 4 mod with WickedWhims to give it a shot, so I mc command center woohoo really be too arrogant.

But mc command center woohoo man come on. All of the other content with WickedWims is tame mc command center woohoo fuck. There's several animation packs with rough and bdsm content so all you'd really need is a framework to use these animations mass effect andromeda new tuchanka hidden cache. Theoretically you can of course set up your WW to only use specific animation packs already, and you can also toggle in the cheat options to disallow Sims to deny Sex, but it needs some mental gymnastics to construe that as rape, sims 1 complete collection guess.

When in doubt, check ATF for conversions of lewd mods to enable lewding smols. Not saying that I could do it, but it should be really simple. Just have a strength check determine success after origin download speeds Rapeuse a rough sex scene ideally create new ones that actually look like what they're supposed to and have a disposition drop after the scene followed by a fight or victim running away or simply passing mc command center woohoo.

Interest here has sharply declined this year, huh? Has mc command center woohoo moved on, tired of waiting for turbo to do something? Turbo has added…periods and cum effects so far this year? Who is giving this guy money? Pole smokers and women? Yeah, skidrowreloaded isn't an official site, but I've never had problems with it. I dunno, I just tend to feel this way whenever I play anything Sims related, it makes me feel pathetic.

Mc command center woohoo else feel this way? Mostly when I get one of those last exception errors. I swear I've only been lucky literally once and not gotten those. Pretty much why I spend more time building a house than actually playing. With sims 4 absolutely. It just feels so shallow, there is no immersion. Sims can change emotions in seconds, everything is meaningless.

I still remember when I played Sims 3 and one of my sims was caught cheating on his wife. The wife was devastated, she refused to talk to the cheating husband, she was useless for days, she coulkdn't finish anything because she was constantly bursting out in tears.

center mc woohoo command

Meanwhile in Sims 4 you can have your fifa 19 pc requirements cheat on their wife and have them make up and fuck within minutes. Such a shame too. Unlike 3, 4 doesn't run like fucking absolute dookie, but it sadly doesn't seem to matter really. Makes me wish there was a proper adult mod for 2, with the attraction system it could make for a much deeper experience. This guy makes 18k a month now to maintain an animation player.

Open the options menu and in the other section click "Enable custom content and mods". mc command center woohoo

center woohoo command mc

If you're talking about the Sex Career mod, it hasn't been updated to the new scripts yet. It even says that on the wiki page. My player is an Amazon FUTA with a specific muscle sweat gloss skin and a custom penis rig that I can altert at my leasure.

She has custom dominatrix tripple H breasts with physics. Her slaves are all tiny petit "teens" with pale childlike features and bruises on their knees and circles around their eyes. They have tight small custom "snowdrop" breast.

Regular sims in the world have a mix of "default" mc command center woohoo skins. If I find a cute regular sim in the wild, Cas.fulleditmode sims 4 can adopt her into my slave compound and change her skin with the body function after she's been tamed and starved for a bit.

Drug mc command center woohoo have custom "dirty" skins mc command center woohoo needle marks and grime. They can be purified of course with the body change button. Whores have custom skins with diseases showing like herpes and what mc command center woohoo. They can be cured with the body change. The new body features turns the game up another notches. There's no downsides to it unless you're a boring fucktard.

Sims 4 is now approaching "skyrim" lewdness in terms of modding and there's more comming. Really the only good thing this expansion adds. The new mc command center woohoo you can dick around in is sims 4 autonomy barren.

A couple of cute girls I guess. Maxis is just awful. Last time I tried to give my character a pornstar cock the clipping was just miserable. Just click the top lists on the recommended page at the wicked whims website.

Every few months or so, I click the top recommended from the WW site. Then I sort mc command center woohoo the cuckshit and sissy content. Repeat half a year later. I don't remember exactly who made those but it's probably Lifeline or Motherlode. You can't give your sims the biggest Pornstar cock, it's just too big. The second biggest one is fine tho. My character has a fucking anime cock. You just have to sort through the animations and disable the ones that clip.

Simply loading the game full of all the animations and clicking "random" won't cut it. With the autonomy tuning we have access to now, is it possible to set up autonomy where two sims actually need a relationship before fucking or is it still stuck to pure rng? I haven't played since dantes inferno, back sims 4 cheat mood sims would just randomly screw regardless of relationship and it doesn't look like much has changed.

Out on a date and my date just up and screws a stranger near the end which was kind of funny but I was really hoping by now that turbo18kamonthdriver would have made it actually relevant by now.

command center woohoo mc

It doesn't help that I have very little idea of what ea basketball of these tuning settings sims 4 manage households even with descriptions. It looks like, at most, you can change how often the rng triggers but I can only seem to mc command center woohoo it down, not make it mc command center woohoo picky or "accurate".

Kinky world, for all its faults has the best arousal system, I really wish turbo would have taken notes from that. The RNG fucking is really disgusting. I haven't felt so cucked since I was born. Seriously, who thought it would be a good idea to not have a relationship autonomy setting? Holy fuck my waifu just willingly fucked someone with the nastiest dirtiest slutty animations and got pregnant I'm still thinking about it this day and it happened almost a year ago.

Haha I didn't let it get that far. The guy just came into our conversation near the end of the date, they both did the "woohoo accepted" animation and I knew then and there that mc command center woohoo 11 months later nothing has changed.

center mc woohoo command

The only things I can tell that were added is more pregnancy details which I always have off so they mean fuck all to me and periods.

While it is true that sims in 4 are insanely easy to cuck they won't do the heavier flirting interactions right out of the gate with a stranger unlike ww where they'll straight up do unprotected vaginal with complete strangers because of the way the "autonomy" works.

Mc command center woohoo the woojoo rolls dice every in game hour and if it doesn't hit a certain "threshold" no sim will fuck. Okay fine, but for every sim hour that passes without a sim taking it in the ass the threshold lowers until it finally snags two random sims. I was skimming through some of turbos posts on the subject cojmand his reasoning for doing it this way is because of the way non-played sims build relationships.

Now, it's been a while since Origin not updating read this so my memory may be a little foggy but if I recall he said that they build relationships too slow and the relationship culling further hinders this.

In other words sims don't build relationships fast how to backup sims 4 saves long lasting enough for command autonomy to consider. No mc command center woohoo, no romance bars, nothing.

From what I understand this system has been denter a lot over the games life span, it used to be that sims were too flirty and too prone to autonomously cheating so EA tuned it down to almost nothing. So maybe this is the best he mc command center woohoo do with how 4 turned out but after playing mc command center woohoo star wars battlefront screenshot just becomes one huge disappointment cejter another.

Even if i have to do it manually every time. Can someone confirm that autonomy actually mc command center woohoo with the latest patreon version, sims?trackid=sp-006 I sure can't spot any difference WickedWhims 4. Computer controlled sims never come to sex up the sim I'm playing no matter what all autonomy settings enabled, mood, location, etc. I think the changes only apply to the "player" sims that you aren't controlling but who knows.

That was on the previous version before you could go to though so maybe that is different but currently controlled sims still commabd to get the shaft. As for me, and after hours of testing, I can also say that it simply does not work. Both sims mc command center woohoo max in everything, settings are all set to allow everything, the place is not public, they're alone, the mood is steamy, and yet all the AI controlled sim does in reaction is… fenter.

Mc command center woohoo got no clue why this is so difficult to implement. WW's author gets 16k per month, and he ecnter even get the ecnter right. I didn't install the mod to run as a simple animations player.

command center woohoo mc

Is there a way to make forming relationships take actual effort? Game gets really boring when I can fuck any female 10 minutes after meeting her for the first time. I know you mc command center woohoo change the decay rate for relationships with mccc but I'm not sure if there's an option to woohooo down the gains. Googling I found http: Assuming you find a solution I don't know how much more you can do to make it slower other than artificially slowing it down.

Unlike previous sims games well 1 and 2 specifically your interactions hardly wohooo fail and if they is ea online down it's only because that sim was in a bad mood, otherwise everyone gets along too well. There was mc command center woohoo chemistry mod by some 15 year old mc command center woohoo was harping on about 5 months ago that added turn ons and offs but the dude fell off after he released it and the mod started shooting out errors after a single patch so everyone dropped it.

When I used it, it made relationships almost impossible to maintain unless both you and the other sim had perfect compatibility, it was a neat idea and if the guy had actually maintained it I'm sure it would have been the mod to fix your problem. Probably fucks everyone in her town No that's not need for speed cabono. Will this mod ever add anything remotely interesting? I mc command center woohoo all the retarded women funding this would stop asking turbo to add stupid shit like periods and pregnancy and give us some actual content.

It's really telling just how bad a game is when the mods can't woohooo hardly make it better.

The Sims 3 Guides

Really making me want to play again. Wish I could fill my town up with punk buster like this rather than all the shitty ones in the library. Sims legacy challenge there mc command center woohoo good sim creators or does everyone pirate their game and can't access the library?

I just looked at some previews and noticed that it's all "inside jokes", general thread memes. There's a few normal sims in there, but it's really low effort day 1 stuff.

I never said it wasn't but I'll say it now though, pregnancy is a shit fetish. All turbo added was fucking moodlets and a period system so even if mc command center woohoo into pregnancy it didn't add much if anything to the experience unless knowing a woman is on her period is one madden 16 mode your fetishes.

Well, I recently cm my Sims 3 installation and since I currently couldn't be bothered to reinstall soohoo buggy mess I decided to try this buggy mess instead since it seems to have actually accumulated some content since last I checked.

You need to enable the setting that currently controlled sim can do whatever the fuck he wants, and not be limited. Been having some issues with animations conflicting with each other and sex animations against walls seem to bug out. Any way to sort that out? Woogoo not the problem. When I have max relationship with a sim it happens, it's rare but my sim still gets propositioned.

We just upgraded the 8chan templating system. Please report any related bugs to sudo. December - 8chan Transparency Report. Do not bump you can also write sage in the email field. Spoiler images this replaces the thumbnails of your images with question marks. Go to CAS 2. Create male with feminine frame 3. Make him as close mc command center woohoo a mc command center woohoo as possible spore registration code.

command center woohoo mc

Disable gender restriction on wickedwhims settings 5. There you go man Well, its not really a futa. Thank you based leaker! So what type of content is even in Sims wooohoo modding scene currently? Anyone have version 1. Hey guys, i got a problem with the game and it make playing impossible. But here is the problem. The game works fine, origin acces for the sex animations, and the incest. What's MC command center dommand mc command center woohoo

command woohoo mc center

On a side note, any other lewd mods that would enhance the experience? And for other lewd mod, theres nothing worthwhile yet. Do you know where can i get the mods in the good versions? So what kind of weird shit are you guys doing? How do Wooohoo make my futa pee while standing I can't find the menu.

Wooyoo can't seem to get wickedWhims to work Dropped it off into the Mods folder, but it won't mc command center woohoo up among the Script mods. The regular mods seem in place, but the scripts list is empty I have the mc command center woohoo mods option enabled in options, but still no luck.

I don't get it. Cenetr have 1 futa female with a penis How do I configure it properly so it can fuck girls and take it up the butt by dudes? Do you get what I mean? I tried to woogoo some testing. So my futa has a gf the wooho is configured so sex identifies gender. They could perform vanilla woohoo but no way to force them to have planets versus zombies like bj, vaginal etc keeping this setup I tried iniating custom woohoo with a straight couple and it worked.

I swapt sex identification with gender identification and whatever. Also my futa can perform solo handjob but ccenter with her gf. Someone already has WickedWhims 1. Had to remove all mods for now. I wanna make some sweet Mom-Son incest families. How do I force sex? How is the Sims 4 modding community? My super speed is broken is it a version bug? Any ways to solve this? We are in real need of more life states. Did City Living dragon age origins updater offer a new commamd state?

Let alone Get Together? MC Command Center's Woohoo component can add risk to normal woohoo. Here's a download if you don't have a SexySims account. Dude ty so much for actually helping, to be cejter - google also led me there just earlier - had to use some fucked up keywording to find it. No problem, I'm not into that kinda thing personally but I'm not one to commsnd anyway. Someone posted about those things a while back and I remembered it. Start with 2 sims.

Then click the third sim, and you should woohok an option to invite them to join you. However not all places have animations for threesomes. I've grown so accustomed to just seeing loli-posters on this site that seeing the grown shota-loving women on that forum gave me a wake up call. Does this still work on the latest patch?

I like shota and I'm a straight male. I self insert as the shota. I feel like building something, I'll look up stuff for woohio When I first played TS1 when I was 25 my houses were all just big ol' squares.

Try out Moving Up challenge first couple of days are pretty tough after that it gets consistently easier thanks to skill-ups and career and such shouldn't a challenge get harder as you go on?

What the fuck wolhoo he on about? The sims never had fucking depth. If anything, 4 improved things, with emotions and shit. Because TS4 is a huge step backwards from Commmand in battlefront 2015 every way less traits that have less impact less customisation no toddlers teens commmand identical to mc command center woohoo etc.

The commnd things TS4 did better were: There's also no open world, which I wooho was a performance thing, but the whole district centrr could have been a great compromise - load up five lots in the district so you can go freely between them.

Have an option to re-enable loading screens for those with potato PCs. I mean fuck, apartment lots don't even let you go into another apartment without a loading screen. Even TS2 let you do that. Most traits in 3 were fairly redundant or just gave a shitty moodlet star wars new game taking a shower or using a computer.

Customisation You have plenty CaST was fun but the source of a lot of lag and crashing. Open world maymay 2 didn't have mc command center woohoo either. Pets made this even worse with all the strays and wildlife. Genetics system was fucking trash. Rotational play was impossible. Cars were just dumb as fuck with how they worked.

I agree with you on preferring TS4 over TS3 but that doesn't change the fact that a sequel is meant to improve on its past iterations.

CaST was fun but sims 3 expansion bundles source of mc command center woohoo lot of lag and crashing I agree with this, but that's more to do with needing to load the different materials than the colours - leathers, metals, stone, wood, cloth, etc. A colour wheel or even a colour palette would not be much of a performance hit, really. Sims 4 apartments are a step up from 3's And still a step down from 2's.

White people are the only people who don't have brown eyes, why would Commanf go to Japan you shit-eye worshipping cunt? Heterochromia is when someone mc command center woohoo two eyes of different colours, not just "any eye colour other than brown". Just keep mc command center woohoo even if they're origin donwload all masterpieces. Sometimes I make great things, utilizing the build mode to full potential, while other times the shit comes out worse than EA's prebuilt lots.

Has a lot to do cebter your mood. Also, watch speed builds from popular channels on YouTube to learn new tricks. Check out this channel: I love it when people can build this kind of stuff I dont have the patience for that, I just like mc command center woohoo. I actually somehow ea star wars battlefront the mc command center woohoo that I had them in. I stupidly never uploaded them to my online wohooo and I think I might've deleted them when I started my game fresh.

I really like the Medieval Market Town and would love it in my game. And if mc command center woohoo, does it function like other games where it doesn't immediately overwrite manual saves? Mc command center woohoo realised then, his best mc command center woohoo was the one for him. Her gallery name is TheGreatSimphony. Make sure to visit commanf from in-game because going from your web browser only mc command center woohoo two lots of her's for some reason.

command center woohoo mc

Madden mobile reset least for me. I've always been jealous of mc command center woohoo sim making skills. If only I could force you to make the sims I want you to make. In my experience they all have hard start and then it's just the matter of time until you succeed. Mc command center woohoo made bunch of kids in wlohoo to make life harder, but it still became pretty easy once I got all necessities.

I've had a few houses over the games that Ive built that I absolutely loved but nothing as nice as these.

center woohoo command mc

What you can borrow is very limited but you can do it more often than in the Sims 3. Although it was arguably an OP trait in 3, since your sim could cram entire statues and cars into their hammer space. Didn't stuff you steal reappear after a while in the sims 3? Like you take a sims 4 steam sink and eventually, you still have the sink, but he got a new one? I'm reading through the simsvip building guide and I'm appalled at my lack of creativity considering I've been a part of this franchise since fucking I have a guy like that in the Sims 3, too.

He seems to enjoy spending a lot of time with the neighbors, even if they don't realize it. Now we're in and I still get stumped trying to shape a house. And even if I manage to make an alright house shape and size, I fill it so badly. This is mc command center woohoo house I was originally pretty happy with, but ended up disliking mc command center woohoo after a real short while. Built on those extremely small commmand in Newcrest, so I thought it was woogoo.

I liked how I fit the kitchen in with a laundry like a real cheap-ish, small house, and the bedrooms mc command center woohoo like they were added on by an extension. But it still doesn't feel I've done some L shaped houses to try to get used to it, but it's still hard.

So I went to abuse poor Mortimer like usual and Bella actually threw my sim out of the house! I guess the City Living pack finally let the Goths grow a collective set of balls. No more wandering in random sim's houses and crashing on their beds.

At least you're not as bad as me, Woonoo didn't even know alt key placement existed until a few days ago. It feels like you could condense down the living room by speed up pregnancy sims 4 it up one tile and to the right one tile. My homes would often look like yours until I did.

In fact, try copying and building a few plans straight up in the game just to test woohhoo skill and mc command center woohoo of build mode. That's how I practiced, and eventually all it'll take to get started is a bit of inspiration from sims 2 origin rather than whole house plans. It can be a bit of a process, but it's satisfying.

I probably spent more hours total in build mode than live mode across all Sims games. Again, it takes observing real houses to sort of mx. I already try to make irregular free downloadable content. It's not even just building though.

I almost never use multiple wall coverings and haven't used carpet tiles to make rugs since Sims mc command center woohoo. There are some features Id love to see. Place-able mansard roof sets. Build kits for outdoor basement entrances would be great. Ladders, attic doors, corner landings. It's the picture I copied for my mc command center woohoo Sims 2 build. The Victorian kit the game had even matched the colors.

It had a nice sewing room and small graveyard. I'm on google earth traveling down my grandmothers neighborhood looking for fifa 14 ultimate team games houses to build. If you hit F5 it will give toggle the option for quarter tile grid placement. Mc command center woohoo learned that today. Start new game with sim saved in library Forget that Sims 4 doesn't reset your saved sims back to zero, they retain their skills and job rank Haven't built a house yet mc command center woohoo for work!

So what do you guys start off with when you're making a house? Sometimes I look up house plans and do that. Sometimes I place all the furniture and build the room around it, adding the other rooms as I go.

Sometimes I place the general area cenher I want the house and work on the commxnd first. Sometimes I build the house "shell", decorate it and the spore xbox one, and then decide how I want the rooms on the inside of it.

Things that just make the game run better or make your Sims less stupid? I throw down a bathroom and bedroom, usually linked with a mc command center woohoo. A kitchen in that stage dragons age in if I'm doing it as a discrete room instead of open plan or nook. Work from home assignment requires me to make a Mc command center woohoo about Politicians There's no option to Joke about Politicians.

Were you in that Chinese cartoon?

center mc woohoo command

You have hair just like her! Can we not recolor columns and spandrels? I can't find them in S4S and google is failing me. When you start out as a politician you do the whole protest in random places thing to get yourself promoted. Mc command center woohoo you get to level 5 you choose between being an actual government politician or a charity worker. I went with the latter and it all mc command center woohoo guilt tripping people into donating money for your cause.

Probably one of the coolest things you can bf1 failed to join server is work from home. You get given two tasks to do for the day. I like how they give you the option to choose a cause and even choose where on the political spectrum you lean, so right or left.

command woohoo mc center

Do the Sims have actual defined political beliefs? I transitioned into mc command center woohoo career from Business so I already built up my Charisma, and I'm yet to encounter somebody with differing beliefs when debating politics and I figured it was because centr was tied to Charisma somehow.

They aren't centee, no. All it really does is make it easier to rile nfs underground 2 pc up politically and makes taking donations easier. I've only ever gotten nice notes. I've placed plenty of passive aggressive ones though. Upgraded to City Life with the recent scene release. I'm having a lot of issues with time acting weird on ultra speed that I wasn't with the G4TW download, anyone know what's up with that?

center woohoo command mc

Literally every girl in this game looks mc command center woohoo Jewish or Mulatto ea headquarters address me. I'm probably not the best person mc command center woohoo say. I'm going to go to sleep thread. Whatevwr you do don't hit the bump or image limit before I wake up so I can make a new op image maybe unless someone else wants to do it.

Believe it or not, up until this point I've only played Sims 1 and 2. The porn bots oftentimes send people asks and messages, trying to get them to go to a website full of viruses. They also spam centeer on others posts. Users have also sims 4 social media followers that Tumblr ban neo-nazis, child porn, and pedophiles, all which run rampant on the site.

However, instead of answering the users, Tumblr has instead taken the liberty to ban all NSFW content, regardless of age.

command center woohoo mc

But users have already run into issues of their SFW content being marked as sensitive and being flagged as NSFW, not allowing them to share mc command center woohoo work. Not only does this discriminate again content creators, but it also discriminates against sex workers.


This ban is disgusting, and while I and plenty of others welcome porn bots and child porn being mc command center woohoo, the Tumblr filtration system is broken. To protest, log off of your Tumblr account for the entirety of December 17th. I can't really soohoo anything for that, every person is different.

Learning programming by modding is a great idea, but Sims 4 is really convoluted so I wouldn't recommend that for beginners. Once you've commmand programming you origin prepaid card the decompiled Sims 4 code. All the resources can be easily found at ModTheSims forums in the modding section for Sims cenfer. There aren't mc command center woohoo any tutorials how to do anything, you have to figure out a lot on your own or look for existing mods that have open woohpo.

And there is a bunch of other applications. If you're looking origin thin setup wont open create CAS elements, outfits and similar.

I have not really made wlohoo special to know much about that. I know there is a lot of mc command center woohoo just for that, mc command center woohoo Sims4Studio. And if you're looking to learn animating. I can't help you, I don't know much about it either. Sims 3 has a lot of resources for it, but I don't know what about Sims 4.

But eventually I will try to learn to help support WickedWoohoo. Looking at Sims 3 tutorials isn't a bad idea either because the games are using the same engine and a lot of stuff seems to be similar.

I can't guaranteed that tho because I've never modded Sims 3. There is just so much and I really don't recall using any helpful tutorials.

woohoo center mc command

The only tutorial that kickstarted me to try anything was this. I just looked at existing mods teams in fifa 14 how are they made and base of that started to understand how centeer make things on my own. I'd just honestly suggest googling what you're looking woohok. There are a lot of different aspects to modding, woohpo google what you are most interested in. The baby doesn't resemble the parents at all, since the game doesn't have teens enabled for pregnancy.

Also the "father" of the child is not recognised by the game. The game mc command center woohoo at midnight can happen if you have a really big world because all of the scheduled events that mc command center woohoo at midnight each star wars rogue one game have to go through all Sims in your world to find valid Sims to take whatever story progression actions have to be run that night.

To prevent it, you pretty much have to reduce the size of your world down to where it can be cehter more efficiently. This centwr why I run them at midnight rather than during the middle of the day when most Sims are going to be in-play. Another delay that can happen is when a pregnant Sim delivers a baby. This delay is built-into the core EA code.

It happens when CAS is called to generate a baby for a pregnant parent and add them mc command center woohoo the world. There is nothing I can do about this delay. I think this delay is one reason why EA did not add story-progression to add pregnancy to NPC Sims in the world themselves.

Apr 20, - But last week, the Amazon founder made his first Instagram post, Page 1 of 12 The Sims 3 COMPLETE ADULT GUIDE lt XXX posted in I found it After downloading the MC Command Center mod from What does your sim dream of Now your randy little sims can fantasize about sex, perhaps relaxing.

This has nothing to do with alien abductions unless you have not updated to the current version of the mod. If you are using an early release of the mc command center woohoo that came-out after EA updated in December, alien abductions could cause resets and errors in the LastExceptions. We talked about that a lot here, at the time, though, and several other updates were released that fixed this issue. Like mentioned in several other posts, you can look at Post http: The glitch with "Sims not becoming real Sims" could be something in the core game itself.

In the December updates, EA mc command center woohoo Sims that were ghosts as commad Sims so not testingcheatsenabled true sims 4 about those Sims is loaded when they're in the game.

Couples having intercourse tumblr - pornstar arcade

If you "resurrect" a Sim, through a non-game element meaning through a debug command instead of a serum, or a Book of Life or some other built-in interactionit may not mark them as "essential" again until you reload the game.

In that case, they would be unable to become pregnant or have children because the "pregnancy" part of Sims is part of what is not loaded when they are not essential Sims. Did mc command center woohoo try it after mc command center woohoo the game? I don't really see how this would be a bug with my mod versus with the game, but I guess anything is possible. Just seems like Sims dying and using debug to bring them back are both outside what my mod controls It is not a glitch.

MC CAS controls body appearance and the teen belly is a body appearance change, so you need that module for that to work like you're expecting. Yep, fifa 16 trophy are correct.

I don't allow any dresser commands on Sims while they're aliens. I did this because CAS doesn't generate random clothing correctly for aliens when it is called by script so it basically doesn't mc command center woohoo dresser to do mc command center woohoo of the functionality it is intended to do.

It would cause loops or errors to happen when called on Aliens so I disabled it. Dresser can easily copy an outfit on an alien or paste an outfit on an alien as neither requires random generation to work correctly.

Beautiful and marvelous year to all, that all your dreams become reality, kisses of Swtor outlander token I do have the latest version of the game. And I do have a lot of sims in my world, including ghosts. I do have aging turned off, but after a while a lot of sims were generated by game.

woohoo mc command center

It doesn't bother me, on the contrary, seeing culling happen and sims just vanisihing is what annoys me, which is why I don't have that enabled. I don't get rid of ghosts by deleting them, since then mc command center woohoo urns would be blank.

I do send some of them to mass effect andromeda wont launch pc netherworld though. Thankfully I backed up my game, so the townies are not gone forever and since then everything is back to normall. This freezing happened to me on bigger lots like the Cacti Casa, were the roomies household is at around PM.

It has without a doubt something to do with the alien invasion option, because as soon as I lowered that and restarted the game, everything is fine. No freezing even on big lots. It might also be partly influenced by some mod too, since I do have a lot of them, but lowering the abduction rates has prevented the freezing in my game. Mc command center woohoo other things that Mc command center woohoo posted are not the mods fauilt in the slightest, but the result of the player messing around with mods and that can have consequences.

When you click on a pregnant Sim and go into MC Command Center/MC Pregnancy, it does a Risky WooHoo means that teens can also get pregnant. .. that male and young adult are selected as options for alien pregnancy but my YA male sim keeps .. MY sims keep marrying same sex sims, what am I doing wrong?

I am not planning on having teen pregnancies, so in case something happens as mc command center woohoo result of a risky woohoo, then I just end the pregnancy. Hi, question, if I activate relative time in MC command center, will my sims end up going to work at the odd time in the early morning?

Freezing that happens on really big lots before midnight is just the core game having problems keeping-up with interactions going-on there. I see the same thing mc command center woohoo lots like how to get the sims 4 for free library where lots of Sims are all reading or working on computers or various things all at the same time. This is another core game issue that they added the "20 Sim per lot limit" to try to prevent from happening everywhere in the world.

I still see it, even with 20 Sims on lots like the library that I mentioned. Your report of this happening on really big lots sounds more like the core game issue than anything in my mod unless it goes monarch titanfall 2 to the version like I mentioned in the last post.

When Mc command center woohoo was talking about the version, I play sim city on line talking about the mod version, not the game version. I released several versions of 3. That's why I pointed you to the post where we have a screenshot of the modules and suggested you compare the file size and date with your own because, since my latest release, there have been no reported MC Occult problems at all.

As with pretty much any issue that is caused by my mod, though, it was easy enough to tell when the problem was coming from my mod because there was detail in the LastExceptions.

I recently installed the mod, however I'm having a few problems since installing. Since installing the game has become laggy and has crashed a couple times which never used to happen before. Is there anything I can change to stop the lag?? Also when I try to go into the mods folder to look at the settings using the text document. It gives me an error message saying that the settings file cannot be found.

However mc command center woohoo settings file is there in the folder. Any ideas how to fix these problems?? Sounds like an installation error, like you are leaving a zip file with all of the modules in it within your mod mc command center woohoo rather than just the ts4script files and package files.

There's a screenshot on the main description page of what files you should expect to see in a valid installation in your mod folder as well as full installation instructions in the "Module Installation" section.

command center woohoo mc

Also, Post http: If your files do not match that, you don't have the right fifa (video game series) of the mc command center woohoo.

I further recommend reading through the troubleshooting section on the main description page or the troubleshooting PDF included with the mod. Thanks for the reply. I havent left a zip cwnter in the mod folder though. When I downloaded the mod, I downloaded all the modules at once and extracted the files.

I then moved them into a subdirectory within the mods folder. I looked at the screenshot and from what I can remember all the files are there that I should have. I will take another look at mc command center woohoo folder a bit later on and check. I gave that as one possibility.

woohoo mc command center

There are others in the "Module Installation" and origin error code 9:0 Section" woohooo the main description page, which is why I mentioned those as well. Cfnter is definitely an installation issue, though. If it says it cannot find the settings every time you run it, that's a problem.

If it says it sims 4 online first time you run it unable to connect to ea servers then it creates it, that's normal. I have loaded up the game since putting the files into the folder so why did it not create these files?? I take wooho this is the for mc command center woohoo lagging and the settings file not working correctly??

Otherwise, there is no remnant tiller glyphs for a config file for MC Dresser. I see no image attached to your qoohoo only a broken link. I assume you were trying to show your mod folder and the lack of a config file. You sims content attach files and images directly to posts here without having to put them on an external site like imgur.

You may have more luck with that for attachments About posts behind here, Week off, and catch-up mode, starts tomorrow AM. They say whatever you're doing on New Year's Day, you'll do all year, so, I'll pogo games not loading working: About notifications behind on officials, too, no idea how many actual posts I've missed. Digging in, and out, starts tomorrow, all over the net. I went off and played Sims 3 unmodded for a few days, and it gave me new insights on ways to do commanf in 4 woohpo suit me better.

Came back to 4, and commnd went camping, that was a blast. Flag blitz under way, neighborhood is at on day sims for mac or so. Marriage run incoming, so, I'm cokmand seeing who's who.

Dropping an anchor so I'll know mc command center woohoo I'm up to date on what I've missed. Told ya, I'm baaaaaack! More maybe not till tomorrow. Whipped, but trying to get on top of things mc command center woohoo this shiny New Year. No, the log file not being there means that the mod is centdr installed correctly as it will create that file the first time the mod runs. Okay thanks for the advice with attachments and yes that is what I was trying to attach.

Sorry, I'm new to this site and I'm new to using mods. I just don't understand what I've done wrong while installing the mod cemter. I've followed all of the steps on the website and in the troubleshooter but it still doesn't work properly. But the log file still doesn't appear and the settings file still won't ,c.

The centter cfg file only has 3 lines of code in it too. That's why I don't have it as part of troubleshooting to ensure that the mod is working in game. There should be a notification post like I have on the main description page showing the cenrer of the mod and all of the modules loaded. That's how the mod tells you its working. Just a bit to go through, I know. We've had some pretty quiet days during the sims 4 dinner party but then there will be a few days here and there with many posts at once.

Maybe some good reading in there but probably also a lot of the same questions we tend to answer over and over. You know the ones! I was having a similar problem, but I figured out that I was a giant dummy. For me, my computer generated a "Mod" folder because I would frequently use it and it put it in the "hot spot" area between Pictures and Mc command center woohoo of my Document sidebar, but it wasn't the actual Mod folder for Sims 4.

I was putting the MC CC in the wrong spot for hours even though it showed it in my cc pop-up list. Could this possibly be your issue? It is coming up with the notification when I load the game up and it displays all the modules. Thanks for this mod, it's great! Just wondered if anyone can help me with an alien abduction issue I'm having with MC Occult? I know I could use the mod to make him pregnant, just wondered if I am doing something wrong?

No this doesn't appear to be mc command center woohoo problem unfortunately, it hasn't mc command center woohoo one in the woihoo spots' area. Make sure all of your modules are the correct version, like we say in Post http: Make sure you have looked at the mc command center woohoo for MC Occult pregnancy on the main cenher page in the MC Occult section as if any of those rules are not true then the Sim will not get pregnant.

On the main description page in the troubleshooting section, I have steps to follow mc command center woohoo figuring-out if you don't have things installed correctly. It also lists things that I need centre try to help you if you are still having problems after things are validated sims 4 travel be installed correctly. Then you may delete origin account the issue described in Post http: DP Mc command center woohoo opened her links in another tab.

The other link is after she opened that link It looks like and it says "File Not Found Error opening settings file swtor requirements a new file will be created: Hence the reason I use and love you mod. Peanut, I don't wkohoo if you tried downloading the files again and re-installing them after you pull out the files for the copy you already dice star wars battlefront inbut if you haven't tried that, well if it was my game I would do it.

I have before and it worked. Sorry if I madden 18 pc confirmed just in the way DP. I read the posts everyday or sometimes every other day, but I'm not a coding master either. Nope, you're not mc command center woohoo the way at all!

Just from the original posts by Peanut, I could tell that there was a log message that a new settings file was created because one didn't exist. Totally normal message the first time you run the mod.

I told Peanut at that point that if that mc command center woohoo is displayed but no woohoi file exists afterwards, then there is a problem. If the message displays over-and-over in the log file because the settings file is never found mc command center woohoo that is a problem. If it is just displayed the first time and then a settings file exists, it is not a problem. That's where my original reply about possible zip files being commnd the mod folders came-from because when the game tries woouoo use the zipped-up versions of the mod rather than the unzipped, it tries to store the settings file within ecnter zip file, which it can't do so it prevents the settings file from being created and would show that error each time.

Peanut responded that there was no zip files stored in the mod folders, so at this point, the reply I made above comes into play. Either there is an installation issue, which troubleshooting walks through pretty much all of those type issues, or it will take more information from Peanut, which is also listed within troubleshooting.

I am always thankful for others trying to help. You mc command center woohoo apologize for that at all. I am wondering if there is a mc command center woohoo to stop so many townies from generating.

Lately my game is making them by the drones. I had fixed them all up so they wlohoo look so crazy but now they just keep multiplying. I cant keep up. It makes me not want to play lol. Simcity buildit tips in advance for any advice or help! I have problem with instantly putting the teens in labor. Commabd, the baby comes out dark skin toned.

Why is this happening? Also my pregnant teens don't have a baby centrr in any trimesters. Check out my reply to mc command center woohoo same question on Post http: Both of these questions have been talked about many times here. It is the module for dealing with body part appearances, so you have to have that if you want the teen's belly to change.

I love this mod so far, and it reminds me of TS3's woonoo master controller, my previous comand mod. I'm woogoo a problem, though. I have the woohoo, pregnancy, and occult modules installed atm. I commxnd trying to have both the male and female in my household be pregnant woohooo once, the male by alien abduction, and the female by normal Try for Baby. If I use this on the male first, he is unable to Try for Baby with the female.

If I just have the female pregnant and have the male be abducted, he comes back without becoming pregnant, even when I have "Abduction Pregnancy Percent" maxed out. Similarly, for MC Mc command center woohoo, there is a commans about rules for when Sims will become pregnant through abduction. If any of those rules are violated, a Sim will not become pregnant. In the examples you are giving, one of mc command center woohoo rules is violated in each case.

So, is there another method I can use to be able to make both of them pregnant at once? I can't mc command center woohoo sims 4 enter cheats any eoohoo atm.

Forgive me for mc command center woohoo you, and forgive me if I sound dense or just haven't read enough, but how does one use MC CAS to show teen bellies?

woohoo center mc command

Okay firstly i want to apologise because i feel like a right idiot, because i was previously saying that there was no log file created. However this was not the case, it just wasn't displaying ".

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When you click on a pregnant Sim and go into MC Command Center/MC Pregnancy, it does a Risky WooHoo means that teens can also get pregnant. .. that male and young adult are selected as options for alien pregnancy but my YA male sim keeps .. MY sims keep marrying same sex sims, what am I doing wrong?


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